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Welcome to the wonderful world of Reiki. Across these pages you will finds lots of information about different Reiki Attunement Courses as well as some useful insights.

Reiki is complimentary to any Western medical treatment you may be receiving. It works harmoniously with Western Medicine but should never take the place of a licensed medical professional.

Soul Light Reiki

by Daelyn Wolf Soul Light Reiki is a healing and empowering system that connects you to Universal Source Energy, your higher self, and your soul energy. It works to help boost your energies and open your conscious mind to know your true self, and connect with your soul. When you are connected to your Soul …

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Karmic Auric Reiki

Please note you will need to be a Reiki Master to receive this Attunement by Martyn Pentecost Karmic Auric Reiki is a highly effective form based on the techniques of Usui Reiki or traditional Reiki. Karmic Auric Reiki is different in that it deals with issues such as negative karma, and life experiences from all …

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Bear Medicine Reiki

Bear medicine is a very feminine energy that speaks of power, dreamtime and the world of the unconscious. Bears appear to be slow and plodding going on their solitary way. Actually they are studious and cautious. People with Bear as a totem are often inventors and scholars. Bear’s Wisdom Includes: Introspection • Healing • Solitude …

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Inner Light Reiki

Inner Light Reiki is a simple but powerful system to help the light of the soul shine through. The energy works to clear blockages, increase joy, and help you accomplish your life purpose. In this course you will learn how to practice Inner Light Reiki on yourself and others, and how to pass attunements. This …

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