Category: Karma Reiki Attunements

Soul Mate Reiki

Are you longing for “The One”? Whether you believe that everyone has just one soulmate or many, Soulmate Reiki is a beautiful, simple system to connect soulmates together. This system can also be used for non-romantic soulmate relationships (such as with friends or loved ones). This is a one-level system that includes one soulmate symbol. …

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Karmic Auric Reiki

Please note you will need to be a Reiki Master to receive this Attunement by Martyn Pentecost Karmic Auric Reiki is a highly effective form based on the techniques of Usui Reiki or traditional Reiki. Karmic Auric Reiki is different in that it deals with issues such as negative karma, and life experiences from all …

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