Category: Shaman Reiki Attunements

Ama Deus Shaman Reiki Course Attunement

Ama Deus (meaning ‘I love God’) is a simple healing system. However, simple though it is do not underestimate it’s power in healing The Guarani Indians living deep in the Amazon jungle of central Brazil, have been using this system of healing for about the last 6000 years. It was first brought to the West …

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Elven Shamanic Healing Reiki Attunement

Elven Energy Empowerment Lightwork

Elven Shamanic Healing is a form of natural healing that comes to us from the Elven Realm. The Elvens are a society much like our own, of healers, scientists, herbologists, priests, teachers, and doctors. Their knowledge in these subjects is vast and always evolving. The Elven system uses 9 symbols to call upon different elements …

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Green Tara Seichem Reiki Attunement

Please note you will need to be a Reiki Master to receive this Attunement Seichim, a word (pronounced “SAY-keem”) of unknown origin-but closely related to the ancient Egyptian word sekhem, which means life-force, or energy-is used to indicate a system of healing that many feel has ancient origins in Tibet. This practice is said to …

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One Spirit Shaman Reiki

One Spirit is a very powerful healing energy. It uses your heart, unconditional love and symbols. One Spirit takes you on a sacred journey inside yourself so that you can delve deeper beneath the surface and see your true self in all its majesty. Within all of us there are Animal Totems who protect our …

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Sacred Breath Reiki

We all need to breathe on a physical level in a physical world. however, the sacred breath is much more than that. It is the correct breathing pattern to bring about balance of body, mind, and spirit. Sacred Breathing gives the ability to heal ourselves in a natural and simple thing. This is a lovely …

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